Mauritius trust to hold company shares

Price: £2,100.00

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WordPress Ecommerce Site

10 page ecommerce website

linked to either pay pal or stripe

Professional Logo

Including first year hosting and domain

Price: £700.00

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Dedicated phone line answered in company name

Clients wishing to give the impression that their company is based in the UK or has a UK office may wish to take advantage of our London based, cost effective Live Telephone Answering service. Unlike others, we offer a full receptionist based service, taking your important calls and forwarding details promptly to you.

By having a Telephone Answering service you can be confident that you’re always giving your customers what they need. A missed phone call can easily result in lost business, and if you want to portray the image of a professional company that cares about their customers then missing a call simply isn’t an option !

Here are some of the key benefits to note about the service:-
Each customer is issued with a dedicated London landline number
Calls are answered promptly in your company name by our receptionists acting on your instructions and you receive immediate notification by email, including the callers message and contact details
Effectively, we act as your virtual secretary in your London office
Live answering during UK business hours
Improved customer service as your calls are answered in a professional manner
More cost effective than employing a receptionist
All messages are treated as confidential and are quickly forwarded to you via email
Dedicated voicemail monitored and all messages reported promptly
Win new business by appearing much bigger than you really are …and instill confidence in prospects and new clients

Price: £400.00

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Website set up



6 page site built in wordpress including logo (extra pages can be added at £50 per page)

with hosting 1 year

domain included




Price: £375.00

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Offshore Bank account

The supply of an offshore corporate bank account set up in Mauritius

Price: £350.00

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Nominees director and shareholder

The supply of nominee director and nominee shareholder for your company

Price: £300.00

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Preparing of financial statements

Price: £255.00

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Mail forwarding from UK office address

Price: £250.00

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Good Standing Certificate

The supply of a good standing certificate for your company

Price: £200.00

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Professional director service

Price: £200.00

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Apostille company documents

The supply of one set of apostilled company documents
(this is applies to Seychelles, Belize and Gibraltar)

Price: £155.00

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Certificate of incumbency

Certificate of incumbency (this applies to Seychelles, Belize or Gibraltar)

Price: £120.00

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Professional shareholder service

Price: £100.00

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Free consultation regarding investment products

We provide a free consultation with our offshore consultant regarding offshore investment products we can offer

Price: £0.00

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Free consultation with an accountant regarding bookkeeping

We offer a free consultation with our accountant regarding the accounting requirements for your company and the cost involved in accounting

Price: £0.00

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