As from 23rd March 2016 One Offshore Company is a trading name of Hercules International Limited, Nevis with head office in Mauritius. This will mean our operations are now based from Mauritius. This will allow us to offer more facilities including additional services including formations of trusts and additional corporate banking services from Mauritius based offshore banks

The common report standard has started from 2016 in a lot of the European Countries. This should not effect offshore corporate accounts that are trading
Please also note that in some offshore countries the reporting will only start in 2018 and in some countries the agreement has not been signed yet. Please contact us for more information.

Not all merchant providers accept offshore companies or some ask for the offshore company and the bank account to be in the same location. We can advise the best merchant provide to use. Please contact us for more information.

We also work with banks in Switzerland, Germany, Cooks Islands and Singapore please email us for further information

Happy New Year to all our clients and to future clients.



Once we have received all your documents as per our compliance requirement we can provide same day Gibraltar Company Formation.

This does come with a premium of GBP220 but is worthwhile to know!

Check out our Gibraltar Company formation video: Gibraltar Formation One Offshore Company

One Offshore set up offshore bank accounts in Mauritius, Cyprus, St Vincent, Latvia, Belize, Seychelles and Cayman. Each bank has its own rules and requirements. We advise clients the best banks to use based on experience. We have a 99% success rate of opening the account. This is due to the questions and information we ask before we start the bank account opening process.  If were unable to open the offshore bank account (please note that the offshore bank always sign off the account not the company formation agent) we would refund your bank account application fee or try another bank.

Offshore banks do charge a higher bank charges than onshore banks and they always need to know source of funds information and will request supporting documentation.

Holding your assets in an offshore bank does ensure your assets are held offshore and the offshore banks we work with ensure that your information is kept confidential.


In November 2013 and in January 2014 changes were made in Seychelles to ensure that extra regulation was added to ensure that agents obtain details of where accounting records are held.  Seychelles companies do not need to file accounts. But all directors must sign a declaration stating where accounting records are held. The company directors must all sign an annual declaration.

The Gibraltar Non Resident company is the best solution if you are looking to setting up a company within Europe or if you are looking for a company that looks better than a company that may be classed as a tax haven company. Our prices make it one of the cheapest companies to set up within Europe with zero tax