Forming an Offshore Company

If you have not formed an offshore company before, don’t worry we can guide you on the best company to buy, to meet your requirements. We focus on cost effective solutions without compromising on service. We provide expert knowledge at low fees.

How do I open an Offshore Company?

  • Select the company/trust package of your choice (call if you need help).
  • Send payment on line or via bank transfer (call for bank details)
  • Send compliance documents via e-mail
  • We will contact you to confirm your order.
  • Send original compliance documents via courier to us.
  • We send you all the original company documents.

Why order from us?

We have experience in working offshore, we try to keep your annual costs low by providing cost effective solutions. We are on average 14% cheaper than all the main providers of offshore companies.

Why use an offshore company?

Offshore companies are used for tax reasons, relaxed statutory requirements and confidentiality. All the companies we supply  pay zero or low corporation tax in the country they were incorporated.

Package Solutions

We offer package solutions. Our package solutions have been selected so you are provided a solution at the click of one box.

Nominee Directors/Offshore Directors/ Offshore Companies acting as directors?

Nominee directors are cheaper than offshore directors and allows the client more control. The nominee directors will issue a Power of Attorney in order for the client to still control the company.  Please call for further information.

Offshore Directors are more expensive, they are mainly used for tax purposes. When selecting a Cyprus company we will supply Offshore Directors to ensure the Cyprus company can obtain double tax treaties.  Please call for further information.

Offshore Companies acting as company director and shareholder it is often cheaper to have your own Seychelles company to act as company director and shareholder. This ensures your name is not listed on any public registry. As you will act as the director of the Seychelles company you can still control the offshore company you purchase. We can supply a Seychelles company as a director and shareholder when ordering a Gibraltar company.

What fees do I need to pay?

A first year fee which includes the set up of the offshore company. Each year a fee is due (year two fees) this fee is for acting as an agent and providing an offshore registered office address. Our second year fees have been compared against all the major online providers we are on average 14% cheaper.

Offshore Bank accounts

We are able to open an offshore bank accounts from GBP350. We work with all the leading offshore banks that provide full internet banking and debt cards. We normally know straight away if we are able to open a  bank account and if we are unsure we will get an approval from the bank before hand.

Tax Advice:

We are unable to provide personal tax advice.  However we can advise you if the company you purchase is subject to any tax in the country of incorporation.

Offshore Trusts

When setting up an offshore structure it is always recommended to set up an offshore trust to hold the shares of the offshore company. This ensures your assets are passed on to the beneficiaries of your choice without going through probate. Our offshore trusts start from £2100
Please contact us if you have any further questions. Plus see other services.
International phone number: 0044 203 8461272 or if calling from UK: 0203 8461272


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