Offshore Bank account set up Pros and Cons

One Offshore set up offshore bank accounts in Mauritius, Cyprus, St Vincent, Latvia, Belize, Seychelles and Cayman. Each bank has its own rules and requirements. We advise clients the best banks to use based on experience. We have a 99% success rate of opening the account. This is due to the questions and information we ask before we start the bank account opening process.  If were unable to open the offshore bank account (please note that the offshore bank always sign off the account not the company formation agent) we would refund your bank account application fee or try another bank.

Offshore banks do charge a higher bank charges than onshore banks and they always need to know source of funds information and will request supporting documentation.

Holding your assets in an offshore bank does ensure your assets are held offshore and the offshore banks we work with ensure that your information is kept confidential.


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