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Other Services/Pay Annual Fees

One Offshore Company provides the following services

  • Setting up Offshore corporate or personal offshore bank accounts (From £350)
  • UK Virtual office services
  • UK Mail forwarding service
  • We can set up offshore bank accounts that can provide full internet banking
  • We can set up offshore bank accounts that can provide debit cards
  • Arranging execution of legal documents
  • Arranging bank transfers
  • Arranging purchase of shares in companies
  • Gibraltar and Malta yacht registration service
  • Gibraltar accountancy services including tax returns. Plus a full range of other offshore accountancy services see link: Accountancy
  • Company Secretarial services
  • Arranging transfer in of offshore companies
  • Arranging transfer of trustees
  • Offshore consultancy services
  • Acting as protector to offshore trusts
  • Acting on behalf of high net worth families in the UK
  • Managing properties in the UK owned by offshore companies
  • Website design and creation including domain name, logo and hosting for £375

Contact us for more information on
International phone number: 0044 203 8461272 or 0203 8461272 if calling from the UK

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