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Belize Company


  • All Belize Company documents provided
  • One set of notarized docs with apostile
  • No accounting requirements
  • Documents sent via courier

Welcome to your first step in establishing a global business presence! Our Belize Company Formation package, offers a comprehensive solution for entrepreneurs and businesses aiming to extend their reach internationally. Let’s delve into the numerous services included in this all-encompassing package and discover why Belize stands out as an ideal location for offshore company formation.

Belize as Your Offshore Destination: A Strategic and Wise Choice

Situated in the heart of Central America, Belize offers a conducive business environment and strong privacy laws, making it well-known among entrepreneurs and investors. Above all opting for Belize for your offshore company brings multiple advantages, including tax, asset protection, and simplified business operations. The country’s legal framework actively fosters international business, making it a top choice for discerning business owners and investors worldwide.

Unveiling Our Belize Company Formation Package

  1. Registered Office Address and Agent: As a crucial requirement, every Belize offshore company needs a registered office address and an agent. Our package provides these necessities, offering you a reputable address and a reliable agent, essential for establishing your business’s professionalism.
  2. All-Inclusive Government Fees: We prioritize transparent pricing. Our package’s cost covers all required government fees, eliminating any unexpected expenses and ensuring a smooth registration process for your Belize company.
  3. Certificate of Incorporation Provision: You’ll receive a Certificate of Incorporation, confirming your company’s legal establishment under Belizean law.
  4. Tailored Memorandum & Articles of Association: We prepare these crucial documents to align with your business needs, effectively outlining your company’s structure and objectives.
  5. Initial Minutes Documentation: We supply the initial minutes for your company, setting the foundation for effective management and operational strategies.
  6. Issuance of Share Certificates: For businesses with multiple stakeholders, share certificates, denoting ownership, are vital and included in our package.
  7. Apostilled Notarized Documents Set: For global recognition, a notarized document set with apostille certification is provided, validating your documents for international use.

Predictable and Affordable Future Costs

For budgeting ease, our second-year fees are set at a manageable £440, with a gentle reminder sent when due. Additionally, a £75 compliance fee is applied, covering regulatory maintenance and ensuring your company’s good standing.

Streamlined Ordering Process and Quick Document Delivery

Firstly, for a hassle-free ordering process, simply add the package to your cart and fill in your details. Then, for your convenience, we also accept payments via bank transfer. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need our bank details.

Finally, to ensure a swift start, we directly ship all company documents from our agent. This approach significantly speeds up the delivery process. Lastly, please note that we begin processing your order immediately after we receive the original compliance documents.


Start your global business journey today with our Belize Company Formation package. Click to add to your cart and take your business to international heights. For bank transfer details or any inquiries, we’re here to assist. Finally, your pathway to global business success is just a click away!

Enquire now, on +44-203-846-1272 or using the chat box below!

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