We would recommend setting up the offshore corporate bank account within 12 months of the company set up, while the company is in good standing. Offshore banks offer privacy and ensures assets are held in a zero tax country. All offshore banks have different requirements and ask for different documents. We have experience of working with selected banks that we know accounts can be opened quickly. We recommend the banks below and can suggest the best bank to meet your requirements

Offshore Bank account Key Features

  • Low cost set up
  • Privacy
  • Zero tax
  • Ensure your assets are offshore
  • Bank Of Saint Lucia International

    • Bank of Saint Lucia International Bank
    • Internet banking provided
    • Debit and Credit Cards
    • Excellent International Bank
  • ABC Bank Corporate Bank account Mauritius

    • ABC Corporate Bank Mauritius Account
    • Internet banking now provided
    • Opened within 10-14 days once we have received signed bank forms
    • Low Banking costs
  • Malta Banks

    • Corporate Bank Account
    • EU Bank no personal visit
    • Malta formation only
    • Opened within 10 days once we have received signed bank forms
    • Good card services
  • Europacific Corporate St Vincent

    • Europacific Corporate Bank account
    • Full internet banking
    • Card services
    • Personal service from private banker
    • Opened within 5 -10days
  • CIM Banque Switzerland

    • Swiss Bank account
    • Internet banking provided
    • Excellent Customer Service
    • Card service
  • Emirates Bank, Dubai

    • Emirates Dubai Corporate Account
    • Internet banking provided
    • Personal visit, UAE company and min deposit
    • Well established Bank
  • RCB Bank account Cyprus

    • RCB Corporate Bank Account
    • Internet banking provided
    • Cards Provided
    • Bank account within Europe
  • Rietumu Banka Corporate Account Latvia

    • Rietumu Latvia Account (EU)
    • Internet banking provided
    • Personal Visit required
    • Card service
  • Cayman Private Bank- Investment Banking

    • Corporate Bank Account
    • Investment account
    • Min 100,000usd deposit
    • Opened within 10 days once we have received signed bank forms
  • Hellenic Bank, Cyprus

    • Hellenic Bank Cyprus corporate Account
    • Internet banking provided
    • Opened within 3 weeks once we have received signed bank forms
    • Ideal for international trade
  • OCBC Bank Singapore

    • OCBC Bank account Singapore
    • Internet banking provided
    • Card Services
    • Large bank
  • Delaware Bank- for Delaware companies

    • Corporate Bank Account
    • USA Bank no personal visit
    • Delaware formation only
    • Opened within 10 days