Ajman Company and Bank Account

Ajman Company and Bank Account


  • All Ajman Company documents provided
  • Bank account assistance with Leading Bank
  • No accounting requirements
  • Documents sent via courier

Ajman Company and Dubai Bank account set up £2,200

The Ajman offshore company presents an optimal framework for establishing a business within the UAE. It stands out as the most cost-effective option among the free zones, and there’s no need for a bank reference during the setup process.

This particular structure enables our clients to secure a bank account with a prestigious institution such as Emirates Bank. It’s important to mention that, to finalize the bank account setup, clients will need to personally visit Dubai, and the bank requires a deposit of 10,000 euros.

Rest assured, we provide a comprehensive set of company documents, and our Dubai office takes care of facilitating the entire bank account setup process.

Year two fees £1650 (we will send you a reminder when due) plus £75 compliance fee

Advantages of an Ajman Company.

Embarking on the journey of establishing a business in the UAE calls for a strategic choice of corporate structure, and the Ajman Offshore Company emerges as a standout option. Renowned for its efficiency and cost-effectiveness, this structure offers a range of advantages that contribute to a seamless business setup process:

  1. Cost-Effective Setup: The Ajman Offshore Company stands out as an economical choice. Making it an attractive option for entrepreneurs looking to establish a presence in the UAE without incurring exorbitant initial costs.
  2. No Bank Reference Requirement: Streamlining the setup process. This structure eliminates the need for a bank reference during the initial stages.
  3. Access to Leading Banks: One of the significant perks is the ability to secure a bank account with prestigious institutions. Further enhancing the credibility and financial standing of your business.
  4. Tax-Friendly Structure: The Ajman Offshore Company’s tax-friendly structure is designed to optimize your financial strategy. Thus providing a favourable environment for your business operations.
  5. Dubai Office Assistance: Our dedicated office in Dubai plays a pivotal role in assisting clients throughout the process. Also ensuring that the setup of your Ajman Offshore Company and associated bank account is handled efficiently and professionally.

By leveraging these advantages, the Ajman Offshore Company not only provides a cost-effective solution but also establishes a solid foundation for businesses seeking success in the dynamic landscape of the UAE.

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